How To Choose The Best CBSE School In Agra?

Best CBSE School In Agra

Choosing the Best CBSE School In Agra for your child is not an easy task to do. There are many schools in Agra and you need to choose the best school for your child. There are many sites available on the internet where you can find schools in Agra. I have compiled a list of Top CBSE School In Agra based on various parameters. You can check it out here.

Education is the basic way to attain development and growth. We are well aware of the fact that Education also plays a major role in Indian culture. Keep remembering this thing. The infrastructure of any school must be designed in a way, that can be helpful to enhance the accessibility. And effectiveness in the deliverance of education. 

Now, it is often argued that some people exaggerate the statement that any place can be the good one to read and learn. But the real fact is, to concentrate and to better educate yourself the environment must be good that can assist you to learn better.


Campus buildings in the Shri R.S. Public school are established in the regions that are surrounded by lush greenery. The serene area thus crafting an environment that is educationally enriched from all perspectives. The buildings of the school comply with the modish technology and all the latest safety norms.

Each campus of the school is home to smart and spacious classes. Shri R.S. Public School provides all the best infrastructure on the school premises. Our school is the top-notch and the Top CBSE School In Agra.


Shri R.S. Public School provides an excellent infrastructure that not only aids in the school student convenience but also assists in the comfortableness of the students. This is the reason that our school is always listed as the Best CBSE School In Agra. When comes to the buildings of the school then, all the buildings are built by following the complete safety norms and are built to tackle natural calamities. 

Each campus is home to airy classrooms, smart classes with the assistance of digital classes, playgrounds, sports grounds, and a modern type of “ Kids Zone”. To monitor the student activities and heighten security in the building premises, video surveillance is get installed in each building. 

Shri R.S. Public School Infrastructure: A Walkthrough

Having the tag of the Best CBSE school In Agra is not only attained by the study achievements but also some of the key elements that must also be considered which are listed as follows:

  • Well-designed buildings
  • Stockpile Library
  • Beautiful classrooms
  • Well-maintained playground
  • Staff room and Administrative
  • Elegant Auditorium

Well-designed Buildings

Being the Top CBSE School In Agra, Shri R.S. Public school has a well-designed, spacious and functional building facility that every school must have. The school’s classrooms are airy, and well-ventilated with plenty of natural light. A school is built with various amenities such as well-equipped labs, open fields, dormitories, halls, and sanitation. 

Apart from this, the design of the school is quite important. Buildings and classrooms are designed to enter freely and exit from the classrooms. Adding to this, the vehicle facility is also available so that personal vehicles such as scooters and bicycles can be transported and parked in the allotted areas. 

Stockpile Library

A well-maintained library facility is also available in the school. As reading is so important for the students for their success. So for this, all the books from primary to secondary level, related to sports, business and other magazines are being facilitated for the reading of the students. Apart from this, all the books are organized in a way so that students can easily read according to their choices and personal preference. 

Beautiful Classrooms

Classrooms are the main foundation of any educational institution. Not only classrooms should be in sufficient numbers, but these must be well-designed also because the students spend most of their time in the classrooms. Shri R.S. Public school is always counted in the Best CBSE School In Agra gives the availability of pleasant and well-designed classrooms. 

All the rooms are decorated and highly developed and maintained in a way so that the students get an education in a good environment. All the rooms are colored with light colors and according to the choices of the students. 

Rebuilt Playground

Sports and games play a crucial role in the development of every child. As a result, a well-maintained playground must always be included in the school’s infrastructure. The facility of Indoor and outdoor stadiums is given to the students so that they can play according to the required events. Both stadiums are built with separate facilities.

The playground is considered more than a place to play but also assists to develop physical strength and balance. Adding to this, a well-maintained playground also provides the facility to develop social skills, problem-solving and critical thinking. Due to all the required facilities for sports and games, our school is also considered the Top CBSE School In Agra. 

Staff Room and Administrative

The school’s infrastructure not only focuses on providing facilities to the students but also includes some facilities for the teachers. There must be the facility of the proper classrooms so that the teachers can adequately prepare their lessons, make corrections and socialize. 

The classrooms must also include lockers for storing instructional materials, bags, personal belongings, and books. Apart from the staffroom facility, the school must also make an administration block. This block must be built in an area, where it can be easily accessible for students, visitors, and teachers. 

Well-maintained Auditorium

An Auditorium amenity is also brought forth in the school curriculum. The auditorium is all built with the latest up-to-date digital technology. This kind of auditorium that is equipped with the all latest technology is served as the ideal platform for the students, to show not only the various performances but can also be a good utility for the conduction of the various educational platform. 


Overall, a well-organized and planned infrastructure is a must for effective and meaningful teaching and learning. It will serve as an employee motivation and enhance the students’ attendance catalyst. 


Q.1: What is the student-teacher ratio in your school?

Ans:- It can be more specific than “how many students are there in each class”. On a minimum basis, the total number of students in each class is 30 but this can increase a little for the higher classes. This ratio ensures that every student gets the full attention, and classes are less burdened.

Q.2: What does the syllabus school follow?

Ans:- The school follows the CBSE-based syllabus. Apart from it, teachers also prepare the assignments, weekly and monthly tests, and lesson plans from their side so that the evaluation of the students can be done properly.

Q.3: What is the teaching methodology/ approach followed by the school?

Ans:- There is a completely different teaching methodology used by the teachers of our school. Our teacher focuses on the methodology which is also called the constructive approach. In this method, teachers use images, diagrams, written notes, practical labs, and the latest gadgets to make the learning process better in every form.

Q.4: How are students assessed?

Ans:- Students are assessed on the basis of the written test. Our school facility has made the different tests for the different classes admission. Coming to the exams assessing the capability of the students, a highly developed exam criterion is structured for the pupils that not only test the learning ability of the kids but also prepare them for healthy competition.

Q.5: How do I get information about the admission procedure?

Ans:- You can get information on the admission procedure by following our site: www.srspsagra.com. You can also get contact us by following the school landline number  0562-264001+91-9410665060 

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