We aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.

The general attitude, discipline, performance in previous classes and regularity to school will also be taken into consideration for admission.

It is compulsory for the selected students to appear for the interview and counseling session.

If the students fail to meet the required criteria for admission in the entrance exam they will have to choose an alternate stream. (Class XI)

Admission is subject to the discretion of the management.

The seat gets automatically cancelled if admission is not taken within 7 days of the result declaration.

No new admission in class X and XII will be permitted.

Case pertaining to refund of fees will not be subject to litigation.

The School reserves the right of revising the fees and amending rules for time to time.

The age of applicant as on 1st April, as recorded in the municipal birth certificate, will determine the eligibility for admission to particular class.

Age Eligibility For Admission

Class Age Birth Year
Play Groups 2+ Years 2019-2020
Nursery 3+ Years 2018-2019
LKG 4+ Years 2017-2018
UKG 5+ Years 2016-2017
Class I 6+ Years 2015-2016
Class II 7+ Years 2014-2015
Class III 8+ Years 2013-2014
Class IV 9+ Years 2012-2013
Class V 10+ Years 2011-2012
Class VI 11+ Years 2010-2011
Class VII 12-13 Years 2009-2010
Class VIII 13-14 Years 2008-2009
Class IX 14-15 Years 2007-2008
Class X 15-16 Years 2006-2007
Class XI 16-17 Years 2005-2006
Class XII 17-18 Years 2004-2005

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