SRSPS Agra is deemed high for its modern infrastructure and latest teaching trends among the National and International schools in India, SRSPS is noted for its relentless services In the field of education and has been acclaimed as one L of the best CBSE schools of India for a long time for the commendable achievements and feats in the educational front. The school is recognized for the knowledge it imparts through its pedagogy which is twined with quality and modernity. The school has smart classrooms and appealing colorful walls. We render technological support to attract the attention of students towards learning. We provide computer labs which are well equipped with a considerable number of computers with high speed internet connectivity.

Salient Features of SRSPS

  • To provide joyful schooling to all
  • Experiential Learning Techniques
  • Kagen's Co-operative Learning Strategies
  • Abacus Method of Learning Mathematics
  • Cultivation of Speed Reading
  • Brain Gym
  • Comprehensive CCA Programme
  • Health and Fitness Programme¬†
  • Balanced Physical and Mental Education
  • Intellectual growth
  • Emotional stability
  • Mental alertness
  • High self confidence & self esteem
  • Healthy character formation
  • Tapped and polished Leadership Qualities
  • Excellent infrastructure under CCTV surveillance¬†